Subscriber Information Management

  •   Customer registration and profile management
  •   Account creation and tracking
  •   Contact information (name, address, phone     number, email, etc.)

Service Packages and Plans

  •   Management of various cable TV packages and plans
  •   Account creation and tracking
  •   Contact information (name, address, phone     number, email, etc.)

Billing and Invoicing

  •   Generation of bills and invoices.
  •   Automated billing cycles (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  •   Support for different payment methods (online, cash, etc.).
  •   Late payment notifications and penalties.

Subscriber Access Control

  •  User authentication and authorization.
  •  Control of access to specific channels or services based on subscription.

Set-Top Box (STB) Management

  •  Integration with STB devices.
  •  Activation and deactivation of STBs.
  •  Troubleshooting and diagnostics.

Content Management

  •  Catalog of available channels and on-demand content.
  •  EPG (Electronic Program Guide) management.

Technical Support and Issue Tracking

  •  Logging and tracking of customer issues.
  •  Support ticketing system.
  •  Technician dispatching and scheduling.

Reports and Analytics

  •  Generate reports on subscriber data, revenue, and performance.
  •  Analytics for understanding customer behavior and preferences.

Integration with Payment Gateways

  •  Integration with payment processing services.
  •  Secure handling of financial transactions.

Subscriber Communication

  •  Send notifications, announcements, and promotional offers to subscribers.
  •  Support for two-way communication, such as chat or email.

Inventory Management

  •  Tracking and management of equipment (STBs, modems, remotes, etc.)
  •  Stock monitoring and ordering.

Regulatory Compliance

  •  Compliance with local and national regulations.
  •  Keep records and reports required by authorities.

Scalability and Performance

  •  Ability to handle a growing number of subscribers and transactions.
  •  High availability and redundancy for uninterrupted service.

Security and Data Protection

  •  Data encryption and protection of sensitive customer information.
  •  User access controls and auditing.

Mobile and Web Interface

  •  Web portal and mobile app for subscribers to manage their accounts.

Customer Self-Service

  •  Allowing subscribers to modify their plans, request support, or make payments online.